PCB Making Service

We offer High-Mix-Low volume, Prototype and Mass production PCB fabrication service, for rigid, flexible and High Density boards.The factory outputs over 30000 ㎡/month & PCB are widely used for fields of telecom, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive...

When you order PCBs from the LYB, you are buying quality that pays for itself over time. This is guaranteed through a product specification and quality control that is far more stringent than other suppliers, and ensures that the product delivers what it promises. In the production flow below you can see where the PCBWay process is unique or goes beyond the IPC standard.

Making a PCB - PCB Manufacture step by step

  • 01.Pre Production Engineering
  • 02.Preparing the phototools
  • 03.Print inner layers
  • 04.Etch inner layers
  • 05.AOI
  • 06.Lay-up and bond
  • 07.Drilling the PCB
  • 08.Electroless copper deposition
  • 09.Image the outer layers
  • 10.Plating
  • 11.Etch outer layer
  • 12.AOI
  • 13.Soldermask
  • 14.Surface finish
  • 15.Profile
  • 16.Electrical test
  • 17.Final inspection
  • 18.Packaging
  • 19.Delivery
  • 20.After-Sales Service
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